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Galacticraft 1.12 Changelog

Build 190

Update ru_RU.lang
Fix solar module network splitting issue. Fixes #3611.
Update "versionRev" to 2
Fix NASA Workbench recipes accepting null itemstacks.
Fix error in previous commit

Build 189

Fix crash when placing solar array controller. Fixes #3607.

Build 188

New feature: Solar Arrays. Credit to @EzerArch for idea & textures.
Solar Array tweaks

Build 187

Fix crash when breaking some blocks with volcanic pickaxe. Fixes #3566.
Fix OxygenUtil itemstack checks. Fixes #3601.
Add helper method for MicdoodleCore
Update version number
Fix shield controller not blocking anvil/falling block damage.
Fix 1.11 mapping of DamageSource
Fix 1.12 mapping of DamageSource

Build 186

Fix recipe registration location. Credit to @MJRLegends.
Fix bubble distributor not working after death. Fixes #1718. Fixes
Fix display screen connections. Fixes #3599.
Fix crash in dev environment
Fix moon rock appearing as copper ore in inventory.
Fix errors after merge

Build 185

Update zh_CN.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Prevent rare crashes when map corrupted for non-GC reasons.
Update Russian translation
Update Russian translation
Update MinecraftForge Maven URL
Allow for Tier 1 - 3 rocket, Cargo Rocket, Moon buggy,  Astro Miner
Changed GC Planets registering recipes to match GC Core system
Added OreDictionary value for Cheese Curd
Updated Cheese Block Recipe to use OreDictionaty value
Fix null & sensor glasses check. Credit to @BlesseNtumble
Fix no tooltips on energy storage module. Fixes #3538.
Fix missing tooltips in 1.12.2
Dimension type name shouldn't change when language is changed. Fixes
Fix cubic chunks compatibility. Fixes #3549.
For Achievements
Update zh_CN.lang

Build 183

Fix degrees symbol in 1.12 lang file (changed in prev commit)

Build 182

Compatibility - Matter Overdrive android compatibility restored in
Compatibility - add Thermal Expansion fuel compatibility.
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ko_KR.lang
Update ru_RU.lang
Update New Issue template
Fix rare client crash when two add-ons conflict. Close #3534.
Fix rare crash relating to Sensor Glasses and leak tracing. Fix #3560.
Fix crash with Volcanic Pickaxe on unique blocks in 1.10+. Fix #3535.
Fix some issues with Display Screen connections. Fix #3520.
Fix night vision potion item (#3425)
API - add new IArmorCorrosionResistant - thanks to @BlesseNtumble. See
New feature: Achievements for 1.8 through 1.11 (#3526)
Restore degrees symbol in en_US language file after last commit.
New feature: Advancements [1.12 version of Achievements] (#3527)
Adjust player y-position after Short Range Teleport. Fix #3509.
Advancements in 1.12 - changed lang labels to same as 1.11.

Build 181

Compatibility - with latest Optifine E1 maintained.

Build 178

Fix some celestial gui issues and add some documentation
Tin Decoration Slab Stairs recipes - fix #3343
Apply 1.12 version of #3418.
Fix Frequency Module render with F3+B box. Credit SteveKunG #3421.
Various ItemStack fixes in 1.11+.  Credit @mallrat208 - see #3431.
Compatibility - Aluminum Wire now works with EnderIO 1.12.2 beta. Fix
Compatibility - update API for MFR beta 1.12. Fix #3441.
Compatibility - now compatible with Optifine E1 in MC1.12.

Build 177

Fix minor lighting issue with GUI tooltip. Thanks to @SteveKunG.
Fix rare issue with non-standard keyboards. Close #3389.
Fix AstroMiner with Space Glass variants. See #3366.
Compatibility - rain particles dont interfere with other mods ASM. See
Minor performance improvement in worldgen.
For add-ons - canCreateStations field public in 1.10+ (#3395)
Fix double-clicking in celestial gui. Fixes #3397.
Celestial Selection - fix GUI bug with multimoon systems. Close #3388.
Performance - Launch particle improvements. See also #3405.
Added a null check for Dungeon Boss Room  (#3394)
Use OreDict slimeball in recipes. Close #3401
Fix player armor bug above height 200, introduced in build 176. See

Build 176

Stop using deprecated Forge logging in 1.12. (#3377)
Merge upstream changes.
MicCore - Compatibility: rain particles now compatible with Random

Build 175

Venus acid rain sounds allocated to correct volume control.
Fix Circuit Fabricator slot bug introduced in 4d86086. Fix #3353.
Compatibility - prevent coal recipe conflict with ActuallyAdditions.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3360)
Added support for add-ons to have Sensor Glasses Armor Items (#3350)
Revert unnecessary import re-ordering. See #3350.
Fix rare crash when AstroMiner miners bugged block from another mod.
Compatibility - remove unneeded GregTech reference in 1.12. Close
Compatibility - fix rare crash when breaking Lighting Panel spoofing
Fix Refinery and others filling buckets too easily. Fix #3374.
Conditional Fragmented Carbon recipe in 1.12. See #2859.
MicCore - Optifine compatibility for Venus acid rain.
Update MicdoodleModContainer.java
http -> https

Build 174

Update capes.txt
Fix #3138. Fix PlayerRevive rendering incompatibility.
Fix #3191. Blend shield layer properly.
Simplify and optimize celestial gui rendering
Fix minor bugs in celestial gui
Shrink itemstack after adding to food stats #3336
Fix celestial gui crash

Build 173

Refinery no longer accepts unintended Buildcraft oils. See #3328.
Grating - attempt to prevent z-fighting with some Forge fluid blocks.
New feature - acid rain on Venus.
Venus rain fix in 1.10+.
MicCore - hook for weather effects.

Build 172

Grating - fix minor rendering issue, random purple dots from some
Display food items better in Creative tab. Fix #3324.
Broken Grating leaves fluid block intact. Fix #3325.
Space Glass frames color rendering in 1.10+. Fix #3326.
Improve Chromatic Applicator GUI.
Lava and other fluids under Grating now emit light properly.
Compatibility - accept appropriate new BuildCraft fluids.
Compatibility - GC Fuel usable in Buildcraft Combustion Engine. See
Fix Panel Lighting simulation of Grass and Leaves blocks. Close #2865.
Proper fix for Circuit Fabricator status display. See #3310.
Circuit Fabricator silicon slots better shift-clicking. Close #3330.
Venus - doing whatever snow does ... in summer. Close #3331.

Build 170

Fix water lighting bug introduced in 873008b. Close #3321.
Remove unneeded logging in startup.
Compatibility - visuals with Aether Legacy: Shield of Repulsion. Close
Update ru_RU.lang (#3320)
Update zh_CN.lang (#3322)

Build 169

Update zh_CN.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Update zh_TW.lang
Update zh_TW.lang
Update zh_TW.lang
Update zh_TW.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Update ru_RU.lang
Update zh_TW.lang
Update zh_TW.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Update zh_CN.lang
Fix T3 rocket nose cone rendering. Fixes #3281.
Fixes #3303. Telemetry display causing lighting issues.
Fix #3224. Footprints now only 'glow' with sensor glasses on.
Minor celestial selection GUI tweaks and cleanup
Grating now compatible with all Forge fluid blocks. Close #3300.
Improved Astro Miner blocked messages. Close #3291
Celestial selection gui cleanup part 2
Minor Astro Miner tweaks. Can mine cane.
Astro Miner - prevent GUI opening when placed in dock in 1.12.
Revert previous variable changes
Fix more visual bugs in celestial map
Display status of Electric Compressor and Circuit Fab when off. Fix
Fixes #3309. Render grapple and small asteroid.
Update ru_RU.lang (#3311)
Update th_TH.lang (#3312)
Fix Evolved Skeleton Boss sound pitch in 1.8+. Close #3277 (#3314)
Update zh_CN.lang (#3316)
Fix #3315. Render bubbles independently of tile entities.
Fix #3275. Evolved skeletons now hold bows correctly.
Fix #3276. Fog now renders correctly at all heights.
Fix #3313. Telepads can no longer teleport to disabled targets.
Undo changes to CCC in previous commit
Revert worldgen error introduced in 4ca45a1.  Fix #3319.
MicCore - hook needed after other mods preInit.
MicCore - Revert 377c073, not needed in 1.12+.

Build 168

Correct merge commit.

Build 167

New feature: Grating block.
New feature: Grating block in 1.10+.
Grating block - fix z-fighting in model underside.
Update ru_RU.lang (#3279)
Fix pick block on Mars machines in 1.10+. Close #3274.
Improved Astro Miner behaviour with lava.
Grating blocks allow through liquids (and rain and snow) in 1.10+.
Add language key for new config in 1.10+ see 4792d48.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3283)
Update ru_RU.lang
Smoke particles can now pass through Grating block.
Render entire sun texture in display screen. Fixes #3295.
Grating now compatible with Forge fluids as well.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3286)
Update ModelGrating for 1.12.
Grating block with fluids tweaks in 1.12.
Remove unneeded logging.
Grating - fix rendering in chunks with no other liquid blocks.
Fix unneeded logging messages. Close #3298.
Add configs for Venus ore disable in worldgen.  Close #3284.
Venus Quartz ore can be smelted. Electric Arc Furnace doubles quartz.
Fix various edge-case Launch Pad building issues. Close #3292.
MicCore: Add hook needed for Grating rendering of liquids.
Fix Grating fluid render. See
MicCore - hook in RenderChunk needed for Grating block.
Shield Controller prevents all damage to armor in 1.12.
MicCore - better compatibility with Optfine in 1.10+.

Build 166

Proper fix for Cryogenic Chamber time setting issue #2909.

Build 165

Fix batteries continuing to supply energy in 152-164.
Update zh_TW.lang (#3267)
Fix IC2 drills not mining properly in zero gravity. Close #3266.
Fix various battery slot issues. Close #3269.
Attempt to fix various time issues. Close #2877.

Build 164

Attempt to fix rare Solar Panel crash. Close #3264.
Fix Slimeling Egg pickaxe mining issues in 1.10+. Close #3263.
Attempt fix to Applied Llamagistics problem. Close #3265.
Fix Unlit Torch not reverting properly to standard torch on Overworld

Build 163

Update th_TH.lang (#3262)
Compatibility - attempt to fix an issue with Matter Overdrive mod.
Methane Synthesizer now pumps out methane to pipes, see #3209.

Build 162

Add Canned Beef item.
Defer registration of item changes until init stage.
Correct texture location for new item.
Update new item model for 1.10.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3260)
Update ru_RU.lang (#3261)
Compatibility - fix rendering of RPG Inventory mod gloves etc. Fix
Fix rare issue when breaking Treasure Chest. Close #2881.
Add recipe for new Canned Beef item in 1.12.

Build 161

Compatibility - futureproof references to MJ API ratio.
Fix double astrominer base possibility. Fix #3003.
Compatibility - fix Buildcraft Kinesis pipe to generator rendering. See
Refactor food items from ItemBasic into new class.
Change default food item name to overcome loading errors.
Update loot tables for refactored food can items.
New Feature - cheeseburger and other new food items.
Add extra description for cheeseburger.
Add Hunger Overhaul compatibility. Close #2889.
Adjust item models in 1.10+.

Build 160

Update Buildcraft API in 1.12 only.

Build 159

Add Buildcraft API in 1.11.
Compatibility - full Buildcraft 8 compatibility.
Compatibility - restore MJ to /gcenergyunits command.

Build 158

Improved sun halo appearance. Thanks to @Romsik788. Fix #3253.
Fix NPE when meteor strikes entity first. Close #3254.
Improve NASA workbench shift-clicking in 1.11+.
Fix Game Difficulty not loading from save in SSP. Close #3146.

Build 157

Update th_TH.lang (#3250)
Fix crash with Emergency Box (#3251)
Minor performance gain in Emergency Box tile updates.
Fix Volcanic Pickaxe exploits in 1.10+. Close #3252.
Correct tooltips for updated Launch Controller GUI. Close #3242.

Build 156

Improved cleanup of older config files.  Fix #3248.
Remove unneeded third party API from distribution .jar.
Minor correction to unlit torch item handling in 1.12.
Compatibility - fix issue with Actually Additions module in 1.12. Close
Remove unneeded logging.
Compatibility - improved MicCore compatibility with Vivecraft.

Build 155

Fix incomplete merge in 1.12.

Build 154

Galacticraft fluid buckets now Dispenser compatible. Close #2857.
Add atmosphere component on Venus (#3243)
New Feature - Dispenser next to launchpad can place rockets on pad.
Add Venus atmosphere components.
Dispenser will retain rocket if one is already on the pad.
Adjust celestial body uv values to reflect ebfe7bd. Close #3245.
Give more time for map progress save in orderly shutdown. Fix #3244.

Build 153

Config - clarification that key bindings are initial defaults only. See
Magnetic Crafting Table - fix automation bug/dupe. Fix #2893.
Fix rare Crafting Manager crash in SSP with automated Magnetic
Enable Galacticraft music in Galacticraft 4. Fix #2786.
Use snake_case in sounds.json.
Fix Cryogenic Chamber and Alu Wire item positions. Close #2606.
Small fix - various null items in TECrafting after recent update.
MicCore - update deobf _at to help mod developers.

Build 152

Compatibility - attempt compat with hi-poly armors.
Players dont crouch holding rockets in zero G.
Fix Battery not craftable in AE2 due to stacking. Close #2925.
Thermal Padding drawn closer to player body.
Final polish for new armor rendering compatibility in 1.12.
MicCore hook for ModelBiped - see
MicCore - some transforms in 1.12 require update to StackMapTable.

Build 151

Further fix to 9ed70be.
Update ru_RU.lang (#3226)
Add degrees symbol to temperatures text.
Tidy up Planets config file and in-game GUI. Close #3197.
Fix mob skull rendering issue. Close #3192.
JEI - attempt Oxygen Compressor recipes to include add-on oxygen tank
Update zh_CN.lang (#3230)
Update ru_RU.lang (update keys only, no translation change) (#3227)
Correct keys in lang file similar to d263ed7.
Fix solar generation levels on Venus. Close #2927.
Compatibility - fix CoFHWorld worldgen compatibility in 1.12. Close
Fix aluminium wire accepting all wool colors in 1.12. Close #3234.
Performance - higher fps from some tweaks to lander etc rendering
Backport CofH flat bedrock fix d003132 to 1.8+.
Fixed ignoring of IPartialSealableBlock
Fixed ignoring of IPartialSealableBlock
Adjust some texture sizes in 1.7 to help really old graphics cards. Fix
Updated German GCCore language file - configs etc (#3238)
Correct description for maximumAstroMiners (#3239)
Update Moon Buggy texture and reduce some texture sizes.
Compatibility - reduce conflicts with armor layers from other mods. Fix
Remove not needed console message about cheese ore gen.
Update Russian translation for Galacticraft Planets (#3241)

Build 150

Restore Evolved Mobs standard drops missing in 149.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3223)
JEI - add Oxygen Compressor page for Oxygen Tanks.
JEI - add information pages for some Galacticraft machines.
JEI - formatting and tweaks to information pages.
Fix torch placement on launch pads etc in 1.12. Close #3221.
Updated german Galacticraft Planets language file (#3225)

Build 149

New feature - Emergency Post.
Small performance increase for blocks.
Implement #3222 - credit to @SteveKunG
Fix Evolved Zombie dropping more Rotten Flesh than intended.
Gameplay - Evolved mobs more likely to drop bonus items with Fortune
Fix issues with all Evolved mobs intended drops in 1.10.

Build 148

Backport 6353ac8 to 1.7 branch. Close #2163.
Update th_TH.lang (#3213)
Fix oxygen consumption from tanks without mask and oxygen gear (#3215)
Reformat code style in 9ed70be.
Additional fix for #3212 in 1.12+ only.
Launch controlled rockets landing properly on Space Stations. Fix
Change default keeploaded status for new space stations.
Include smelting recipe for Aluminum Dust even with no IC2 present.
New feature - full set of Titanium Armor makes player walk and sprint
Restore Emergency Kit to JEI in 1.10+.  Close #3220.

Build 147

Update zh_CN.lang for GalactiPlanets (#3208)
Tidy up and correct various .lang keys with capitalisation.
Refactor all player getName() calls into PlayerUtil. See #2904.
Further tidy up of prior commit.
Fix rare clientside issue on player login with Dynamic Surroundings.
Compatibility - LevelUp - GC machines accept duplicate drop blocks.
Magnetic Crafting Table - JEI support for + button to add shown recipe.

Build 146

Compatibility - Actually Additions API changed for 1.12.  Fix #3211'

Build 145

Update zh_CN.lang (#3205)
Add error trapping for some rare worldgen issues in add-ons.
Compatibility - add Actually Additions Crusher recipes for Aluminum
Compatibility - add ActuallyAdditions API as code dependency.
Magnetic Crafting Table - two ease of use improvements.
Emergency Kit held item - adjust position and size in 1.10+.

Build 144

Update Russian localization (#3201)
Fix Venus worldgen features in 1.12 (builds 133 to 143).
Fix 1.12 bug when Must Use GC Space Metals config set to false.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3199)
Performance - small improvement in tick on Space Stations.
Small update to error reporting message.
Add debug message for other mod worldgen crashes. See #3200.
Fix Magnetic Crafting Table issue in 1.11+.

Build 143

Correct string keys for two configs. See #3194.
New feature: Space Emergency Kit item. Also /gckit command.
Update Russian translation (#3196)
Add missing Config localizations to en_US.
Space Emergency Kit now gives canned potato. <3 The Martian
Add Collection constructor types, Some clean up (#3190)
Double incidence of Cheese Ore in Moon worldgen.
New command: /gchouston to bring the player home.
Typo affecting sleeping in beds in build 142. Fix #3198.
Space Race update: unlocked schematics now affect all team members.
Remove unneeded logging.
C:/Program Files/Git/gchouston command - cope with missing bed etc.
Update Emergency Kit code for 1.11+.
Update micdoodlecore_at.deobf

Build 142

Fix startup issues in builds 140 and 141 across ALL versions. See

Build 141

Compatibility - improve compatibility with JourneyMap and other
Fix the startup crash in build 140 when IC2 not present. Close #3193.

Build 140

Update readme.md
Update readme.md
Celestial Selection GUI - improved handling of zoomed moons.
Performance - improve FPS in rocket launch sequence.
Code style - add type to most PropertyEnum. See #3130.
Code style - Collection constructors properly typed. See #3130.
Compatibility - add Aluminum Dust and by-products if IC2 present.
Compatibility - various fixes for aluminum dust IC2 recipes.
Compatibility - make new Aluminum Dust item available to a few other
Compatibility - new Aluminum Dust held items match IC2.
Creative tab fix for the new Aluminum Dust item in 1.12.
Correct IC2 Ore Washing recipe for Aluminum Ore.
Performance improvement. Fix compatibility with Finder Compass.
Attempt to solve various LAN issues. Close #2819.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3186)
Update .gitignore
Update th_TH.lang (#3188)
Remove unnecessary rawtypes and unchecked in @SuppressWarnings (#3189)
Restore player skin to Rocket HUD and Display Screen in GC4.
Performance - smaller initial capacities for some small HashMaps.
Small change to Astro Miner Base blocklighting.
Correct deobf name in 1.11+.  See micdoodle8/Galacticraft#3181.
Add missing field to deobf access transformer.

Build 139

JEI support - improve accuracy when configs change recipes.
Improvement on previous commit and restore CF recipes.
JEI - deal with recipe hiding in 1.10.
Ingot Compressor adventure recipes - further fixes to JEI.
Compressor Recipes in JEI - properly hidden in 1.11.
Prevent enchantability of Oxygen Tanks, batteries etc.
Fix visibility of player gear when changing worlds. Close #3180.
Render Fluid Pipes with closer connection to Fluid Tanks.
Correct filling of Gas Liquefier from pipes. Close #3178.
Compatibility - OreDict for Silicon Block, Titanium Block, Lead Block.
NASA workbench slots now accept valid items from all recipes. Close
Venus and Asteroids surface rock now have random textures.
Fix minor issue in Celestial Selection recently introduced.
Sensor Glasses shouldnt be enchantable either.
API support - restore the .removeRecipe() methods after 7267e24.
Fix typo for Oredicted Lead Block.

Build 138

Proper server configuration override for Quick Mode.
Fix Asteroids Adventure Mode on multiplayer server. Close #3172.
Relocate Galacticraft world data files to galacticraft folder.
Celestial Selection: show moons for each planet in main screen.
Minor performance increase for background mapping.
Fix some weird networking errors in log when joining servers.
Performance - networking improvement for some large packets.
GuiCelestialSelection - all methods protected for subclass access.
API addition - allow Space Station Recipe replacement. Thanks to
Circuit Fabricator - higher yields in zero G dimensions.
Item recipes - revert two errors introduced in 617b9c4.
Performance - networking - correct an error in 1e481a4.
Make sure galacticraft folder exists in a new world.
Add new recipe class to RecipeSorter.
Update github landing page for 1.12.2.
Update .gitignore - thanks to @CDAGaming
Remove unneeded logging.
Remove unused recipe assets.
Improve enchantability of Titanium tools and armor.
Updates to JEI for Circuit Fabricator and other config dependent
Further update to JEI handling of recipe config changes.

Build 137

Fix Hydraulic Platform issue on dedicated servers.

Build 136

Fix some missing block models following d0b4ee6.

Build 135

Fix Hydraulic Platform description. Close #3171.
Fix resource leak in vanilla Forge when loading OBJ models.
Fix issue with Astro Miner Base lighting.
Fix Astro Miner Base texture going blurry when nearby Astro Miner
Hydraulic Platform - improved detection of blocked motion.
Hydraulic Platform - improved tile lighting.
Performance - reduce unnecessary dungeon location packets.
Further fix for vanilla resource leak for block OBJ models.
Fix Fluid Tank and canister issues in 1.11. Close #2923.
Fix rare Forge bug filling buckets from tanks and placing in armor
Canisters - improved Fluid Tank interaction in Creative Mode.

Build 134

Hydraulic Platform - PlayerAPI version - fix temporary invisibility.
Desh swords take no damage when destroying leaves etc.
Hydraulic Platform - add integrity check on loading tiles.
Fix in-game config duplicating entries when changed.
Fix Gas Liquefier handling of other mods containers in 1.11+. Close
Hydraulic Platform - fix item render position in 1.10+.
Correct Space Glass hitbox in 1.11+.
Improve detection of duplicate MicdoodleCore in mods folder.

Build 133

Update zh_CN.lang (#3137)
Fix player armor sneak position issue on space stations in 1.12.
Performance - improve worldgen performance when using new API.
Tidy up GalacticraftCore configuration.
NEW FEATURE: Hydraulic Platform - a nice elevator.
Hydraulic Platform - further work in progress.
Hydraulic Platform - add visual polish for moving platform.
Hydraulic Platform - fix minor placement and lighting issues.
Fix Solar Panel crash when Galacticraft-Planets missing. Fix #3147.
Fix multiplayer issue in 1.12 (client disconnected when exit planet
Hydraulic Platform - add PlayerAPI compatibility.
Hydraulic Platform - polish for space stations.
Update zh_CN.lang (#3162)
Update ru_RU.lang (#3164)
Update ru_RU.lang (#3163)
Update th_TH.lang (Core) (#3166)
Update th_TH.lang (Planets) (#3167)
Now sneak right-click places blocks on Treasure Chest. Fix #2934.
Fix logo for Galacticraft Planets (#3132)
Fix Creative Oxygen Tank check in layer renderer (#3159)
Add Display Names to various tiles to support Spectator mode. Fix
Make GC Fluid can be swim and can't breath inside of it (#3158)
Small fix to last merge.
Rendering corrections following merge to 1.10+.
Improve power of Titanium tools and Titanium Sword.
Fixup following merge.
Hydraulic Platform - enable in SMP.

Build 132

Compatibility - improve 1.12 compat with RFToolsDimensions.

Build 131

API - further fix to 0e90415

Build 130

API - fix issue with other mods accessing Biomes early in init. Close

Build 129

API change - new reusable Biomes system in 1.12.
API - Improve performance of new adaptive biomes system.
Access transformer needed by

Build 128

Compatibility - improve RedNet cable compatibility. Fix #2920.
Changed Dependencies (#3117)
Fix EntityRenderer crash in 1.12. Fixes #3126.
Fix rare Moon brightness issue.
Fix long-standing parachute swap issue. Fixes #3113.
Coal Generator now accepts coal items from Hopper. Close #3103.
[1.8.9 Only] Fixed JEI Support for Ingot Compressor (#3056)
Backport f6e807d to Minecraft 1.7. Fix #2166
Allow GC addons electric armor items to be charged in IC2 machines.
Allow GC addons electric armor items to be charged in GC machines. See
Comment cleanup.
Fixed rocket crash landing issue in 1.10+ #3025 (#3125)
Fix EntityRenderer crash in 1.12 (Miccore).
Fix updateLightMap issue (Miccore).

Build 127

Reverse meta/stackSize arguments

Build 126

Allow jenkins to replace build number
Allow jenkins to replace build number
Allow jenkins to replace build number
Update capes.txt
Update zh_CN.lang (#3114)
Fixed GLBlend rendering, Fixes #2985 (#3118)
Extend Mars Dungeon loot to include loot from addons after player has
Fixed minor issue with player GUI background and item tooltip rendering
Compatibility: add oredict entry used by NuclearCraft. Close #3112.
Fix item model rotation
Fix use of deprecated function in last commit

Build 124

Allow jenkins to replace build number